Corporate Connections in Chicago
Corporate Connections in Chicago, Illinois.

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When you visit a Chapter or information session, here’s what to look for:

Qualified Referrals vs. Leads.  Uppermost, Corporate Connections generates qualified referred clients or customers to your business.  Dozens of qualified referrals are generated weekly within the CC Chapters. Through our Global reach, members are only limited by where on the globe they wish to do business.

Professional Membership Criteria.   Control over admittance to a Corporate Connections Chapter is managed through oversight of each chapter by a team of profession Consultants and the Chapter’s trained Membership Committee. Members must “FIT” so a trusted referral relationship may evolve.

Strategic Alliances. Members quickly advance through early rapport to understanding the needs of other members. As synergies are discovered among members, laws of human nature take over. Business connections, knowledge, resources, and supportive advice are shared. Corporate Connections leverages the members’ effort to achieve more than by working alone. The program becomes a BRAIN TRUST.

Proven Marketing System. Corporate Connections was not developed recently. It has more than a decade of evolving improvements to match members’ needs and interest. The current global expansion is the result of a comprehensive review of the program that has already produced millions of new business for CC Members.