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Corporate Connections in Chicago, Illinois.

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History: Corporate Connections – Connected to BNI

Corporate Connections - Where Leaders ConnectCorporate Connections is a senior division of BNI - the world’s largest and most successful business referral marketing organization. Corporate Connections is similar to BNI in the focus on getting referral results. However, the focus is on a narrower group of entrepreneurs, professionals and business owners.

Corporate Connections members are executive level sellers whose primary focus is business to business sales and marketing.

It is important to note:

  • The sales cycle is longer.
  • The sale transactions are more complex.
  • The primary clientele are larger corporations and high net worth individuals.

Business Development. The first Corporate Connections Chapters started in Toronto Canada 2002. Since then this program has been tested and further refined in the markets of Toronto and Montreal Canada, Atlanta Georgia and New Orleans areas.  Members embrace the overall concepts of BNI, and yet require a more targeted and focused membership. This is where Corporate Connections comes in. This program is customized for senior level corporate sellers.  The past 12-year history demonstrated how participation in a Corporate Connections Chapter accelerates development of members’ business.

BNI Members exchanged completed referrals worth $8.6 billion during 2014. Building off BNI’s legacy, the Corporate Connections program is aimed in the same direction.

The Pedigree

Drawing on laws of human nature, solid marketing principles and global experience, the Corporate Connections program will have an identical structure and program throughout the globe. People are people and the language of referrals is universal. The only difference from one national program to another might be in the preferred country language spoken. 

Drawing on many of the BNI practices, proven successful around the globe, the Corporate Connections program has morphed to address unique characteristics of executive professionals who experience longer sales transactions, travel extensively, and engage in complex business transactions.  

It is clear that with nearly 200,000 global BNI business members; with generation of billions of dollars in annual referred business, the BNI marketing system is “Changing the Way the World Does Business®”. 

With the successful DNA of BNI and the senior level professional membership Corporate Connections is where “Leaders Meet to Connect”. Corporate Connections serves as a business accelerator for professional men and women. Corporate Connections is for high achievers who believe in principles for equality, giving to their community and gaining leverage toward success.


The Structure:

Professional Guidance

Corporate Connections is guided by a senior level team of experienced Referral Marketing Experts. With nearly 100 years combined experience in referral marketing, this professional team provided direction to the program since day one. The Executive Planning Team continues to modify and create new strategies and tactics carefully designed to increase the return on members’ investment. Recently the team has expanded to include web designers and BRAND experts.

Local Operational Base

Local referral strategy sessions held weekly provide members with ample opportunity to generate well-qualified referrals. Word-of-mouth advertising is not new. New are the systematic procedures which employ the most advance word-of-mouth referral approaches to everyday operational usage. Corporate Connections has direct access to these most advanced strategies and technologies. Referred business is a mainstay, but there is much more.

Accelerating Business Development

Through carefully designed inputs at weekly sessions and strategic interactions mid-week, members develop their skill and acumen in what everyone knows works, but no one teaches – referral marketing. The Corporate Connections program fills the missing knowledge and skill training in active referral marketing. This is provided through the routine professional Consulting and Coaching provided by the CC Chapter Consultants, the Professional Mentoring Program and the On-line learning University designed exclusively for members of Corporate Connection. 

Local Base - Global Enterprise

It’s easy for a Corporate Sales Executive Professional to find him/herself engaged in long distance environments. CC members increase their marketing exposure and gain critical connections through the expanding global network of CC Chapters. Each member has a huge data base of contacts, resources and local knowledge open to members from other locales. Starting with Australia, Canada, Switzerland and USA, members are able to find immediate solutions through the Corporate Connections global network. While the network is expanding the globe is shrinking through use of the Corporate Connections communication technologies.