Corporate Connections in Chicago
Corporate Connections in Chicago, Illinois.

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A Global Community

Corporate Connections is a global community of like-minded business executives active in high-performance teams that employ advanced business referral, business marketing and business networking strategies. All members aim at accelerated achievement of their and others' goals.

The Philosophy

Anything can be accomplished by interconnected professionals adhering to a Givers Gain® mind-set and focusing on core principles of success.

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Our Origins

Corporate Connections is a division of BNI, a highly successful 30-year referral marketing program spanning the globe with operations in more than 60 countries.

The Corporate Connections division is carefully designed for the unique requirements of corporate level sellers and marketers who require business referrals, strategic connections and executive style consulting partners.


The Bottom-Line

Corporate Connections is the modern business referral accelerator for professional men and women.  Corporate Connections is for high achievers who believe in principles of equality, giving to their community and gaining leverage toward success.

  • Does your job demand leadership in developing new business?
  • Do you need strategic business connections, appropriately referred client prospects, and a proven marketing strategy?
  • Does working with a friendly diverse team of business professionals appeal to you?

Think Corporate Connections “Where Leaders Connect.

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